Our Staff

Jeffrey Braud
Chief Editior

Jeffery handles our business column. He is the jolliest man in our organization. He takes his work very seriously, and when he is working, he only focuses on the articles. His articles are very noteworthy and informative. Since 5 years he has been working here. In his past time, he prefers to sit with his teams and talk about business tips and markets.

Address: Krems, Austria.
 Phone:+43 706 1285965
Email: [email protected]

Helen Winston
Senior Content Writer

Helen is managing the science category. She loves going through various facts, and this habit leads to the betterment of her articles. The articles she writes always has a very informative form but written in a straightforward language so that even the young readers can understand the content. It has been 4 years since she has come on-board and still now her work has always been flawless.

Address: Durnstein, Austria.
Phone:+43 657 9531760
Email:  [email protected]

James Fernandez

James is handling the technology column. He is a unique kind of person, and so are his articles. He is like the gadget king of our organization. He knows even the minute details about the maximum of the gadgets that are available in the market. Since 5 years, he has been working efficiently for this organization. In his leisure time, he prefers to flip through the pages of gadget magazines.

Address: Alpbach, Austria.
Phone: +43 511 8547965
Emial: [email protected]

Catherine Montes
News Reporter

Catherine is managing the health column. Her articles mainly consist of fitness regimes and the way of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Her articles are always an exciting read. In her pass time, she loves to go through various recipes and cooking tips and sort them down so that she can get better topics for her next set of articles. Since 5 years, she has been working with all her focus in her work.

Address:Innsbruck, Austria.
Phone: +43 497 5417305
Emial: [email protected]