NASA to get a close look at sun ever using a solar probe

According to recent reports from scientific institution, NASA is get closer to the sun using a solar probe which was designed for viewing the sun at close range. According to cape Canaveral, the new solar probe voyage designed will bring the institution close to the solar atmosphere than ever and also closer top earths atmosphere.
From a statement parker from NASA said that the institution designed a solar probe which will be the first and the most important spacecraft to go as close as 6 million kilometres towards the sun. According to parker, the solar probe will be 3.8 million miles close to the suns atmosphere. He stated that this will be within the sun atmosphere. This will be a rough travel considering the heat and the radiation emitted from the sun surface.
However, according to NASA, the newly designed solar probe is expected to resist and persevere solar heat like never. From the simulation by the institution, the results shows that the solar probe can withstand a heat temperature of over 2500 Fahrenheit. This is about 1380 degrees Celsius.
According to Nicola fox from johns Hopkins university who is responsible for the project initiation said that this will be the hottest and hardest missions ever done to a star within the solar system. Considering the pressure and the temperature, this mission will be a major break through if everything goes as planned. He added that, the sun temperature vary at times depending with the amount of gas being burn hence estimating the punishment the solar probe will receive was harder and nearly impossible by from the help from several scientist, the probe was designed to adjust to certain levels of thermal and radiant heat.
From parkers statement, the designed spacecraft will travel for more than the expected distance. Nevertheless, the solar probe will get much closer than before to the sun. According to parker, he will get approximately seven times closer to the sun than before. This according to Mr parker will be a great achievement among all missions conducted to the sun.