Uber to seize off development of a self-drive automobile

According to the hailing company, Uber will seize off all the self-driven tucks which currently are operating within the US highways following hauling of shipments and cargo on board. The company continued to state in an interview that, the company at the moment is focusing on the development of autonomous vehicles solemn on cars.
From previous reports from Otto, Uber has a great dispute in its self-driven with the freight hauling. According to Uber, these self-driven trucks are somehow expensive to handle following the development of a software which basically connects the truck driver with the truck its self. Nevertheless, scraping of the self-driven trucks will not affect Uber in a great way.
Uber stated that the monitoring of this self-driven truck has become more tedious than before following the traffic and busy streets which have predictably affected the trucking system of the trucks. According to experts concerned with the automation of this trucks added that this self-driven follow a natural application whereby the trucks relays on the software developed for its perfection.
The experts continued to say that the company is only scraping this self-driven trucks to ensure more profits from the autonomous vehicles which are easier to fabricate, develop and monitor. Uber on the other hand said that after the dissolving of the self-driven tracks, Uber will improvise the manual system whereby manpower will be required to run and drive this trucks.
After deep analysis and research, Uber is suffering from stiff competition from other companies like Tesla, ford and also the general motors in the development of self-driven vehicles as well as the traditional automakers such as Alphabet Inc. and ford.
According to Uber advanced technology group, the focusing on the self-driven trucks will mean placing the entire team in the development of a perfect self-driven truck which will generally place Uber within a perfect path in looking forward in producing exclusive trucks which can also beat the competitor’s models from different brand all over the world. Seizing of this self-drive trucks will allow Uber to recalculate and reform their previous model by adding an extra feature.