ZTE Officially Announces Cloud Platform TECS 6.0 at Sydney


Chinese Multinational Telecommunication Equipment company, ZTE corporation officially released TECS 6.0. The company released the new generation cloud platform at the OpenStack Summit Sydney. The newly released clouds platform TECS 6.0 highlights cloud local microservice engineering as well as edge DC plan. The platform utilizes FPGA equipment quickening innovation and gloats capable ICT merging asset coordination ability.
The cloud platforms highlights comprise of the microservice PaaS stage outfits cloud nearby applications with successful constant change and transport limit. The Multi-get the chance to Edge Computing edge DC course of action is incorporated with lightweight All-in-One resource pool in the edge DC. The hybrid cloud arrangement gives resource consolidating and headed O&M for IT cloud and CT cloud.
OpenStack is developed to deliver a universal Open Source Cloud Computing platform that is easy-to-use. OpenStack is the standard open source programming, it addresses the issues of clients and administrators for open and private mists.
The company focused on advancing the advancement of OpenStack as a significant supporter of OpenStack Foundation. ZTE assumes the part of Project Team Leader (PTL) in Murano and Solum extends and additionally the Core giver in 9 official activities. ZTE collaborates with worldwide telecoms administrators including VEON and Telefonica. The companies cloud items have been sent to more than 280 business. TECS 6.0 tends to the requests of portable systems and new administrations in the IoT time. It also encourages the reconstruction and improvement for telecom administrators.