Eight People Charged in France for Planning Far-right Terror Attacks

French authorities have charged eight people planning to attack far-right politicians. Among eight men charged by the police, three are minors. Security agencies have also found connection between these men and Logan Alexandre Nisin, a militant who was arrested near Marseille. Nisin found a group dubbed OAS.

The group was planning to target mosques, politicians, black people and migrants coming from North Africa. The group was planning to buy weapons and carry-out paramilitary training for group members. Far-right groups have witnessed a rise in many regions across Europe, especially after migrant crisis due unrest in the Middle East and some parts of Africa.

Security agencies arrested some members of the group in Paris and some were arrested in South France. 10 people were arrested on Tuesday but two were released, including Nisin’s mother.

The French Parliament has given green signal to a tough anti-terror bill. The bill will replace emergency imposed in 2015 in response to terror attacks in Paris.