Voters in Japan to decide Shinzo Abe’s future

Japanese voters will vote today to decide the next government in Japan after nearly five years of power in Shinzo Abe’s control. The Asian powerhouse called for snap elections and many political analysts suggest that Abe has strong chances of returning back to office. The conservative Liberal Democratic Party-led coalition under Abe’s leadership is expected to perform even better than its previous results.

Abe took office in 2012 and has taken some strong decisions to revive Japanese economy. Japan has strong outlook and the currency has appreciated during Abe’s tenure. If Abe is successful with his early election gamble, he could be the longest serving premier in Japan.

Abe has said repeatedly that he needs a strong mandate to deal with “national crisis” from North Korea’s missile and nuclear threat. Additionally, Japan is staring at ageing population. The economy is strong but the country needs to deal with healthcare and other services for its elderly. Japan has one of the best healthcare system among developed countries but the funds needed to manage the system are rising at a fast pace.

Abe has been a successful leader for LDP. He also faces party elections in September 2018 and a win in the current elections would ensure that he clinches the party leadership in the upcoming elections.