Volvo launches the 2018 XC40 SUV

Luxury vehicle maker Volvo has just introduced the 2018 XC40, the company’s latest SUV that looks forward to compete with the Porsche Macan or Range Rover Evoque. Volvo’s SUV trilogy started with the XC90 in 2015 that was followed by 2017’s sequel, called the XC60. The 2018 XC40 SUV is the smallest of the lot, but it is equal to its predecessors in terms of safety technology.

The front view of the XC40 makes it look nearly the same as its bigger brothers, particularly at night its “Hammer of Thor” headlights shine in their exclusive shape. Its side features the same lower indent as that of the XC60.

Its large wheels give it an aggressive look, with ground clearance coming in at just 8.3 inches. Some reports suggested that the XC40 T5 model will have standard all-wheel-drive, a four-cylinder engine with its Drive-E technology, and the bled of supercharging and turbocharging.

The new SUV will come in multiple versions. The 2018 Volvo XC40 T5 will be available with a price tag of $35,200, while the XC40 T4 will cost $33,200.