Tesla to launch Model 3 air suspension with six months: Musk


Electric-car giant Tesla will introduce an improved version of the Model 3 with air suspension later this year, CEO Elon Musk confirmed. In response to a query by a Tesla fan, Musk stated that an option for Model 3 electric sedan would be launched in six months or so. Musk added that the feature could even be introduced within three months.

Musk wrote that the new option would be connected to the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive setup that was due in that similar time frame.

While the company has already started the production of the Model 3 e-car, it is nowhere close to “complete.” The company has started constructing merely a single configuration – the $44K Model 3 that boats long-range battery.

However, the company is all set to expand to include less as well as more expensive version of the e-car in the near future. The production is expected to peak near the end of this year.