Carmakers announce interesting ‘Scrap’ deals to promote new and efficient models


The drive to cut the number of gasoline or diesel-powered cars on public roads continues to gather momentum as more and more carmakers are announcing ‘scrap’ deals on older vehicles.

Kia and Renault-Nissan have emerged as the latest carmakers to launch car trade-in schemes to persuade British customers to swap their old, more polluting, cars for new ones.

Earlier Toyota and Volkswagen announced similar car trade-in schemes, joining the auto giants like Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Vauxhall and Mercedes-Benz.

The car manufacturers are accepting trade-ins for cars registered before 2010 from any brand.

Renault, Kia and Toyota are offering a discount of £2,000 to those who will exchange their old vehicles for new models. Nissan is also offering a discount of £2,000.

VW and Toyota are offering incentives of up to £6,000 and £4,000, respectively, for these who will trade in their diesel vehicles while purchasing a new car.

More and more carmakers are announcing car trade-in schemes as governments around the globe are pressuring them to encourage customers to buy environment-friendly cars.