Tesla’s Hyperloop pod sets speed record during test run


Tesla’s Hyperloop pod has set record by hitting a speed of 220 miles per hour (355 km/h) in a recently conducted test run, founder and CEO Elon Musk announced. The new record broke the 201 mph speed record set by WARR team of students at the Hyperloop Pod Competition a few days back.

Both speed records were made at the 0.8-mile-long SpaceX Hyperloop speed test track, which runs parallel to Tesla’s headquarters in Hawthorne California.

Given relatively small budgets the students were asked to work with, the 20 mph margin gained by the Tesla Hyperloop pod definitely makes the WARR achievement more impressive.

However, the pod’s speed is not anywhere near the supersonic speeds that the company says is possible in the near vacuum of its test tube. Still, the company thinks it can get past 500 km per hour (roughly half speed of sound) within a month.

First detailed in a paper published in Aug. 2013, the Hyperloop concept calls for aluminum pods capable of carrying human passengers at speeds up to 800 mph.