Next-generation iPhone will reportedly be devoid-of home button


Apple’s next-generation iPhone, which is expected to be announced in September this year, will reportedly miss the widely used home button. As per various reports published over the past many weeks, the new iPhone boasts many new features and enhancements, and one of those features is that it is an all screen high-end device.

It means pressing the home button to unlock the device or to go to its home screen is going to be replaced.

Introducing the iPhone a decade ago, Apple’s then-CEO Steve Jobs had said, “And on the front, there’s only one button down there — we call it the home button. It takes you home from wherever you are. And that’s it.”

The iPhone’s home button has changed a bit over the past several years in order to make way for a fingerprint reader and a solid-state virtual button but the button has been quite constant since the device was launched in 2007.

Thus, industry analysts like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman are of the view that removal of the home button will mark a big change.