Cummins unveils electric semi-truck


Cummins, the company best-known for producing diesel engines for trucks and light-duty pickups, has just unveiled a pure electric Urban Hauler Tractor concept.

Announcing its big leap into the field of electric vehicles, Cummins has definitely stolen electric vehicle first mover advantage from EV giant Tesla Inc., which has plans to unveil an electric semi truck sometime in September this year.

The 18,000-pound AEOS is a Class 7 semi that has been designed to move freight locally, over small hauls. It is capable of carrying nearly 44,000 pounds of payload and is only tipped to have one hundred miles of range.

At a 140-kWh charging station, its 140-kWh battery pack takes just one hour to get fully charged. Thus, AEOS will be a city-oriented cargo solution.

Cummins claims that that by the end of 2020, a series of enhancements in battery technology are expected to slash the EV’s charge time to just 20 minutes.

Tesla and Cummins are not the only companies with an open intention to wade into the EV battle. An entirely new generation of transportation startups, such as Nikola Motor Co. and e-bus company Proterra for the future of freight.