Google mobile search to bring 6-second video previews

Internet search giant Google has confirmed that it has made a major update to its mobile search results pages to help users decide if a video brought up by the search engine is actually a video that they want to see.

Whenever a user’s query brings up a video, the Internet giant will show a silent six-second clip to allow the user to decide if it is the same video he or she wants.

The new feature will work for the majority of videos available on the Internet and it is not limited to the company’s video-sharing service YouTube.

Emily Moxley, director of product management for the project at Google, said any video on the Internet is eligible for inclusion, though some new videos’ previews might not be available as it takes servers some time to build the previews.

However, some critics pointed out that previews will not be able to provide sufficient information about what the actual video would look like. Moreover, video producers have become pretty smarter to produce thumbnails to generate the most possible clicks.