Two hobbyists build an e-car using recycled car parts

Two hobbyists have built an electric car using recycled parts that is capable of running more than 700 miles on a single charge. The homemade electric car dubbed Phoenix has been created from nearly 90 per cent recycled parts (by weight). It can run 748 miles on a single charge, outperforming Tesla’s Model S P100D that can go less than 700 miles on a single charge.

The Phoenix has been created by Eric Ludgren and Jehu Garcia. Lundgren owns a waste recycling & disposal firm called IT Asset Partners.

Ludgren decided to partner with Garcia, who formerly worked as a carpenter and started turning old vehicles into e-vehicles and filming DIY guides for YouTube, to help him on the project after seeing his videos on YouTube.

Ludgren said in a statement, “If we treated electric vehicles like we treat our phones, which if a single part breaks we throw it away, we'd have so much waste. We just want to breathe new life cycles into electronics.”

The duo created the highly-efficient Phoenix e-car at a cost of just $13,800 in addition to a bunch of recycled car parts.