Tesla’s upcoming electric semi truck will reportedly have self driving capabilities

While Tesla is yet to officially unveil its next-generation electric semi truck, a report in Reuters added a new turn to the already swirling rumors by claiming that the next-generation truck will have self-driving capabilities.

Citing emails between Tesla and the Nevada DMV, Reuters claimed that the two sides discussed road tests of self-driving capabilities of the Tesla e-trucks.

The information pointed to Tesla’s desire to develop long-haul electric semi trucks capable of driving themselves in “platoons,” following a human-driven lead truck.

Tesla offers semi-self driving features on all of its current vehicles in the form of Autopilot that costs customers an additional $5,000. In addition, it is offering a $3,000 “full self-driving” option that will be activated once the software is fully ready.

Tesla has plans to officially reveal the eagerly-awaited electric semi truck in September this year.

Developing autonomous or self-driving vehicles have become a common aims of the Silicon Valley companies. In 2016, Uber acquired self-driving truck firm called Otto, while Google’s Waymo is working on its own autonomous truck program.