Google reportedly developing AMP-based Snapchat Discover-like technology

Technology giant Google is reportedly developing a visual publication technology for media companies similar to that of Snapchat.

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the new technology will be similar to Snapchat’s “Discover” technology. Called “Stamp,” it will be based on its AMP mobile optimization technology for webpages.

Without confirming the new technology, a spokesperson for Google said, “Ever since the beginning of AMP we’ve constantly collaborated with publishers, and are working on many new features.”

It remains unclear where precisely the new technology or service would live. However, it is sure that Stamp stories would be available broadly on the mobile web. The name “Stamp” is believed to be a portmanteau of AMP.

The new technology or service is said to be unveiled as soon as next week, and it could include a broad range of publishers, including CNN, Vox and The Washington Post.