Former VW executive admits role in emissions cheating

A former senior executive of German auto giant Volkswagen (VW) on Friday pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud charges in Detroit in connection with the outrageous emissions scandal.

Wearing red prison garb, Oliver Schmidt appeared before U.S. District Judge Sean Cox on Friday to face the hearing in the ongoing case involving VW, which has already admitted to using cheating software to get around emission standards in the U.S.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jean Williams told reporters, “Schmidt participated in a fraudulent VW scam that prioritized corporate sales at the expense of the honesty of emissions tests and trust of the American purchasers.”

An attorney for the defamed VW executive declined to comment following the plea hearing.

Schmidt is an ex-manager of a VW engineering office in Detroit. He was taken into custody in January this year while on vacation in Miami.

Schmidt faces up to 5 years in prison for conspiracy to defraud the U.S., wire fraud and violating the Clean Air Act. The 48-year-old VW executive is scheduled to be sentenced on 6th of December.