Researchers report reason behind friendliness of dogs


Dogs evolved from wolves thousands of years ago and gradually became friendly to humans. Now, a team of researchers claimed to have found why dogs are particularly gregarious and friendly in nature.

Led by Dr. Bridgett vonHoldt of Princeton University, the researchers certain genes that make dogs gregarious and friendly were selected at the time when they evolved from wolves.

The selection of those certain genes gave dogs their distinctively friendly personality, including a hankering for human company.

Sharing findings of their study, Dr. vonHoldt said, “Our finding of genetic variation in both dogs and wolves provides a possible insight into animal personality, and may even suggest similar genes may have roles in other domestic species (maybe cats even).”

The researchers reached the conclusion after studying the behavior and carrying out numerous tests of domestic dogs and grey wolves’ skills at problem-solving and friendliness.

The eye-catching findings of the new study appeared in the most recent edition of the journal Science Advances.