Parents Could Be Convicted For Keeping Children Vegan in Italy

Parents in Italy might be convicted for keeping their kids vegan. A bill has been proposed by an Italian lawmaker as per which parents should be penalized till the extent of imprisonment in case they stop their children from consuming the famous meats and cheeses of the nation and directing them towards opting for vegan alternatives.

The lawmaker added that the parents ought to be punished for raising kids on vegan diets. The punishment being sought by the lawmaker is equivalent to that given for domestic abuse. The lawmaker, Elvira Savino of the Conservative Forza Italia party, revealed that she is not opposing vegans or veganism, till the time it has been opted freely by adults.

“I just find it absurd that some parents are allowed to impose their will on children in an almost fanatical, religious way, often without proper scientific knowledge or medical consultation,” said Elvira. It has been disclosed that the proposed legislation entails imprisonment of a minimum of a year for parents found committing the offense of limiting their children’s diet to vegan options.

The proposal includes the clause of increasing the imprisonment period to four years in case the child falls ill due to being on vegan diet. The sentence in prison could further increase to six years in case the child happens to die due to vegan diet. The legislation argues that several parents are actually unaware of the ways to boost nutritional content in the vegan diet of the kids due to lack of medical consultation.

Vegans are those who do not consume animal products, with dairy, eggs, meat, fish, honey and animal fats excluded from the diet. The proposed legislation states that such kids are practically undernourished and are therefore directed on the path of fatal risk by reckless parents just because they have taken a decision to follow a certain philosophy.

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