Tesla is working to make changes to radar system in its vehicles

In an announcement made via a Twitter post published last Thursday, Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk said that the electric vehicle manufacturer has efforts underway to make changes to the radar system in its vehicles.

The changes being planned by Tesla are apparently a result of the first fatal crash involving a Tesla vehicle. The crash -- in which a tractor-trailer hit a Tesla vehicle -- took place on May 7 in Florida, and killed Tesla owner Joshua D. Brown, who was driving his vehicle in Autopilot mode.

About the fatal crash, Tesla has said that the Autopilot system of the Tesla vehicle being driven by Brown -- who was playing a Harry Potter DVD when the crash occurred -- failed to detect the tractor-trailer due to a rare confluence of circumstances.

With regard to the changes which Tesla is planning to make to the radar system in its vehicles, Musk said in the Twitter post that the radar system will be enhanced with the addition of a more robust computer modeling, evidently to enable Tesla vehicles to detect motion from a series of images or 3D models.

About the radar-system changes being worked out by Tesla, auto experts told the Associated Press that the changes will give the Autopilot system on Tesla vehicles the capability to ‘see’ more effectively in rain, snow, and bright sunlight.