Tesla to hold ‘grand opening’ ceremony’ for its Gigafactory on July 29

According to several reports, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors' massive Nevada-based Gigafactory battery plant is scheduled to get a 'grand opening' on July 29 night.

The opening ceremony which Tesla has planned for the Gigafactory on July 29 will mark the first 'official' inauguration of the company's massive battery facility. Though the construction of the Gigafactory will not be fully completed by the company by the mentioned 'grand opening' date, the factory has been partially operational for the last few months.

Tesla's decision to officially 'open' the Gigafactory on July 29 will come after the recent completion of 14 percent of the factory by the company.

For the Gigafactory's opening ceremony, Tesla has sent out email invites to some Model S buyers. The Model S owners who have received the invites for the event - at which Tesla officials will be present - are the ones who successfully participated in the company's sales referral program by referring five buyers.

Meanwhile, though Tesla has confirmed that it plans to hold a customer-centric Gigafactory launch event on the night of July 29, it is not yet clear whether the company has invited media outlets to the factory's 'grand opening' ceremony.