CR suspends its "recommended" rating for two VW diesel cars

In a statement posted online on Saturday, Consumer Reports (CR) has revealed that it has pulled its endorsement of two diesel vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen (VW) --- the VW Jetta diesel and the VW Passat diesel.

The move by CR comes close on the heels of a “notice of violation” issued to VW by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for using sophisticated devices on its diesel cars to cheat emissions tests.

According to the EPA’s findings, VW deliberately circumvents Clean Air Act requirements by using a so-called "defeat device" -- the vehicle software running in some VW and Audi diesel models. The EPA has alleged that the “defeat device” allows VW’s diesel vehicles to meet clear air standards during testing, but later emit pollutants up to 40 times the standard during normal driving.

With the EPA having revealed that VW’s Clean Air Act violations cover nearly 482,000 cars sold in the US -- including the Jetta, Beetle, Audi A3 and Golf -- from 2008 to 2015, CR has said in an online statement that its "recommended" rating for VW Jetta and Passat diesel cars has been suspended until it can "retest these vehicles with a recall repair performed."

CR further added in the statement: "Once the emissions systems are functioning properly, we will assess whether the repair has adversely affected performance or fuel economy."