Open Interconnect Consortium formed to set a standard for IoT devices

An Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) has been formed by Intel, Samsung, Dell, Broadcom, Atmel and Wind River; in an evident attempt to set a standard for the so-called `Internet of Things' (IoT) devices.

The consortium marks the coming together of the mentioned companies so that the way in which IoT devices communicate with each other can be standardized.

The key objective of the OIC is to work out a standard for IoT devices in such a way that these devices can seamlessly communicate with one another, irrespective of the operating system they run on.

To begin with, the OIC will chiefly focus on `smart' home and office technologies; with apparent plans to eventually expand into other areas. The initial efforts of the consortium will be focused on building upon existing technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zwave and others.

With regard to the formation of the OIC, Intel VP Doug Fisher highlighted the fact that the rise of IoT - and its ultimate success - is largely dependent on the ability for devices and systems to interconnect securely and reliably, and share information.

Emphasizing on the need for "common frameworks, based on truly open, industry standards," Fisher said: "Our goal in founding this new consortium is to solve the challenge of interoperable connectivity for the Internet of Things without tying the ecosystem to one company's solution."