Storm Sweeps Europe, causes Huge Destruction in Germany

The storms that swept across whole of Europe, lead to an increase in the number of death toll to 12. Now, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands are among the hardest hits of the storm. The storm gusted with the speed on 100mph causing death of four people in the South of England.

This storm also caused a lot of destruction, the trees fell down and four people have been reported as dead in Germany. On Sunday, two people died at the German sea coast. When the tree canal was blown away with the wind, a woman was killed and a man got injured in Amsterdam.

Some other cases were also reported from the fall of debris around the city. This strong wind caused destruction in about most of the countries, a man died after hitting with a flying brick in Denmark.

Amsterdam's Schiphol airport is considered as the fourth largest airport in Europe and the sustained winds with the high speed of 75 mph resulted in the cancellation of about 50 flights at the Airport. Rotterdam is the busiest port of Europe; this destruction also caused the delays of the flights at this port.

The strong winds gusting at the speed of up to 62 mph, led to the closure of a stretch of the A71 autobahn in the central state of Thuringia.

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