Top 6 Destination Hotels in Austria

Austria has a lot to offer destination travelers.
Ranging from gorgeous Alps to hiking trails, the nation has lots to offer tourists. You can also find palaces, Baroque churches, Salzburg festivals and museums.
It also offers gastronomy.
If you’re fond of luxury and have a refined taste, Austria has many luxurious hotels with lots of amenities and facilities to offer. Austria’s 5 star hotels offer ultimate luxury and comfort to the satisfaction of each guest.
The best Austrian hotels, according to the U.S. News & World Report, were ranked based on star ratings of hotels, industry awards analysis and user ratings. Top hotels that ranked in the list of the Best European Hotels were awarded Gold badges.
Hotels, according to TripAdvisor, that ranked beneath the top hotels were categorized based on user rating and hotel class.

Top 10 Hotels in Austria for Destination Travelers


Lanserhof Lans

Located in Austria’s Tyrol city, Lanserhof Lans is both a hotel and spa center. It’s one of the medical spas worldwide and a detox place of choice for anyone, including millionaires.
Anyone looking for spring cleaning of the body and mind indulges in the surroundings of the sublime Alpine.
With results-based therapies, a team of health professionals and bespoke diets, you’re guaranteed a clean gut. In just one week, you’ll overhaul your health even in just a week.

Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

Based in Tyrol, Austria, Ayurveda Resort is home away from home for the entire family. The family-run hotel is a tonic for your body, mind and soul.
The hotel is located in a serene environment with uplifting views in the environment as in the Austrian Alps. You can detox, clean your chakras and consume good energy at the hotel.

Gasthof Hirschen Schwarzenberg Hotel

The hotel is located in Vorarlberg, Austria. Based in the Schwarzenberg village, the hotel owner traces his connections back two centuries ago with the Hirschen.
The 18th century building housed royals and artists centuries ago, making it perfect for romantic stays. Parquet floors and paneled walls have been matched in the hotel rooms for an appealing look.

The Guesthouse Hotel

Opera House, Albertina and Sacher Hotel share the same square with this hotel, making it popular among other hotels in the same area.
Sir Terence Conran made the youth hostel remarkable. He decorated and transformed the hostel into a modern hotel, hence its success.

Imperial Hotel

The hotel is based in Vienna, Austria, for comfortable stays. The palatial hotel gives a true sense of life and occasion upon arrival at the premises. Built in 1863 for Wurttemberg Prince, it’s the fairest of all grand hotels in Vienna.
Based on the monumental Ringstrasse Boulevard of the city, the hotel gives a share of Michelin-driven dining and royal life for unmatched experience.

Hotel Beethoven

Graceful and creatively designed, the hotel expresses the rich musical heritage of Vienna. It overlooks the Theater an der Wien, Beethoven’s home, where he composed opera Fidelio.
The boutique hotel has welcoming and distinct rooms with a warm look and feel. It offers chamber music concerts over the weekend and free tea in the afternoons.
Although one touch espresso machines can get pricey, you’ll find them in each room. With it, the coffee connoisseur can prepare their favorite drink anytime.

Haus Hirt

The hotel is located in Gastein, Austria. The hotel gives breathtaking views of the ringside mountain, the Gastein Valley and the fresh-looking Alpine design. It has a clean and aesthetic spa that overlooks the mountain peak and modern cooking that’s season-driven.
Haus Hirt hotel strikes a balance between the outdoors and an urban setting to give you a refreshing accommodation.

Do & Co

This hotel is also located in Vienna and makes a spectacular view between new Vienna and the old city. The front views give a peek on St Stephen’s Cathedral, urban-chic design, phenomenal food and a lounge-bar for gazing out of the city.
The all-round class act also offers flawless service.

The Blaue Gans Art Hotel

This hotel is located in Salzburg, Austria. The oldest inn in Salzburg seats opposite the Festival Hall. It has a rich history traversing more than 600 years. Despite its old look, the hotel blends bespoke craftsmanship, tradition and fresh-faced design indoors.
The hotel chefs prepare delicious Austrian cuisines in the classic restaurant. You can also order your favorite international cuisine.

Theresa Wellness Hotel

The hotel is at Zell am Ziller in Tyrol. It has biking and hiking trails a few steps from its doorstep and offers amazing views of the nearby snow-capped Tyrolean Alps.
Although the hotel is understated, it’s the perfect Austrian dream home away from home. It has a chef who prides in organic, seasonal sourcing from local farmers to prepare the tastiest dishes. The hotel is also home to an impressive spa for endless relaxation.