France endorses Australia’s decision to proceed with FttP rollout

The decision of Australia's Labor government to proceed with the rollout of fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) broadband in the country has been endorsed by Fleur Pellerin, France's delegate for small and medium enterprise.

China completes two more ground slide tests for its Y-20 aircraft

In a Saturday statement, Tang Changhong - chief designer for China's Y-20, or Transport-20 aircraft - revealed that two more ground slide tests have been completed for China's biggest home-grown transport aircraft, after its successful maiden flight in January.

China to deploy world's biggest 4G LTE network over next six months

China is set to deploy the world's biggest 4G LTE network in the next six-month period; and, by 2013-end, more than one hundred cities and 500 million people will be covered by the high-speed network in the country.

5-year-old UK boy innocently racks up £1,700 iPad bill in 10 minutes

According to a Telegraph report, Danny Kitchen - a 5-year-old boy of Warmley, England - recently racked up by a whopping £1,700 iPad bill in just 10 minutes, after his parents gave him the passcode for the iPad for downloading the `Zombie v Ninja' title from the Apple store.