BP determines unexploded German bomb

Recently an unexploded bomb was found on the marine after the Britain's most important North Sea pipeline. This has created a lot of threaten and many dozens of oil fields and force up the price of crude are being closed.

BP has discovered the German second world war mine during a routine inspection and its removal could involve temporarily closure of a transportation system that carries over half a million barrels of crude a day or it can be assumed that the 40% of Britain's total output.

German consumer confidence is likely to fall further

The GfK research group has said that they are expecting consumer confidence in Germany to fall further in May. It is considered as the euro zone’s largest economy.

According to the market research company, consumer sentiment index which is based on a survey of about 2,000 people. It is likely that it will fall to 5.7 in May from April’s reading of 5.9. The survey has marked that the consumers are struggling with higher food and energy prices.

Germany's Feld Says Greece Can't Avoid Debt Restructure

In an interview with a Bloomberg Television Lars Feld, a member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's council of economic advisers has said that Greece will have to restructure its massive debt. And it should do it within the short period of time rather than waiting for long time. This interview was held in Frankfurt.

Feld expected that Greece will succeed in this consolidation strategy if it doesn’t have any reforms in coming future. She said Bloomberg Television's Nicole that Greece should restructure as quickly as it can.

Millions of migrant workers coming to Germany

The Cologne-based IW institute has stated that Germans may perhaps not greet the million foreign workers who are coming from newer European Union states. This is because they are concerned about the impact of immigration on their own jobs.

The institute has good relations with German employers. It has made an estimation that up to 1.2 million foreign workers would to migrate to Germany by 2020. This will be only possible when the country fully opens its doors to citizens of newer EU members in Eastern Europe from May 1.

Amazon launches Kindle in Germany

It was announced by Amazon. com this week that they have launched Kindle electronic bookstore for the consumers in Germany. Name of the store is Amazon. de/kindlebuecher and it is going to offer close to 650,000 titles, including some 25,000 that are going to be in German.

At present, Amazon is the No. 1 Internet retailer as per the Top 500 guide. The main aim of this Kindle is going to provide the German-speaking people “Buy Once, Read Everywhere” apps. These are going to be for the mobile devices and would be working on iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and Android-based phones.


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