RIAA: US recording industry disappointed with Google's anti-piracy efforts

In a statement which implies that the US recording industry is disappointed with Google anti-piracy efforts, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has recently said that there has thus far been "no evidence" to show that the Internet search giant has effectively executed any plans to demote sites that feature pirated content.

Foxconn temporarily slowing down recruitment in its China factories

According to a CNET report, Apple supplier Foxconn is planning to temporarily slow down the employee recruitment process in its factories in China; a move which comes at a time when there are apprehensions galore about the long-term demand for the iPhone 5.

Yahoo overhauling its website to incorporate features familiar to Facebook users

In a move which marks the most significant product revamp for Yahoo ever since the CEO Marissa Mayer took over the reins of the company last year, the Yahoo website is being overhauled such that some of the familiar Facebook features - including newsfeed and people's "Likes" - will be incorporated into it.

Germany experiencing 61.5% blackout of top YouTube videos

In an indication that a lot of YouTube videos are blacked-out in Germany, Berlin-based OpenDataCity (ODC) revealed an interactive web application last month to show that nearly 61.5 percent of the top videos on Google-owned YouTube - the world's most popular video-sharing site - are apparently experiencing a blackout in the country.