Google starts digital mapping of Japan's Nuclear Exclusion Zone

According to ABC News, Internet search giant Google has - with the help of its Street View vehicle - started the digital mapping of the area closest to Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant; a move that comes two years after the country witnessed its worst nuclear disaster on March 12, 2011.

Tech websites cast doubt on Pirate Bay's claim of having set up in North Korea

After its last-week ejection from Sweden, notorious file-sharing site The Pirate Bay claimed on Monday that it had set up shop in North Korea on Monday; but, tracking searches carried out by several tech websites have cast doubts on the authenticity of the claim.

Global market for UAS forecast to experience strong growth over next decade

According to reports, it is being projected that the US and global market for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) will likely witness robust growth in the next decade, the constrained economic scenario notwithstanding.

Average gas prices in San Diego dropped for 4th successive day

According to latest statistics released by the AAA and Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), the average price of one gallon of regular gasoline in San Diego witnessed a decline on Sunday; thereby marking the fourth consecutive fall in gas prices.