German court denies Samsung’s request to block iPhone feature for the blind

Samsung recently suffered a setback in its patent-infringement battle against Apple in Germany; with the Mannheim Court turning down the South Korean device manufacturer's request to block the text-to-voice feature of its US rival's popular iPhone handset, claiming violation of one of its patents.

Youth charity finds one-third of young people have been victims of online ‘trolling’

According to the findings of a research carried out by youth volunteering charity vInspired, one-third of the young people - aged between 14 and 18 years - have been victims of online `trolling' during the last six-month period.

Global oil prices plunged on Thursday

On Thursday, global oil prices witnessed a fall, prompting the analysts to point out that the factors which apparently led to the slide in oil prices included the anxiety of the traders over poor economic data, a potential end to US stimulus measures, and indications of lower-than-anticipated demand for American crude.

Mondi boosts cash generation in ‘excellent’ results; pays 8% higher dividend

The weak economic environment notwithstanding, bigwig packaging and paper group Mondi Ltd. has managed to boost its cash generation for the year ended December 2012, and has also paid out an 8 percent higher dividend.