Post Laden's death, Germany cautions travellers

As soon as the death of Osama Bin laden became public, the German government issued warning in form of travel alerts. It is said that the US forces have been successful in killing the al-Qaeda leader in Pakistan.

Even the US has issued such warning passes for its citizens saying that it is risky now a days to travel. Especially, the ones who are traveling to Pakistan or are thinking of going to that place, have been asked to be even more cautious in their approach.

Slovakia beaten by Germany in Hockey finals

Germany, the last year's semi-finalists were able to defeat the hosts Slovakia by 4-3 during the world championship preliminary Group A clash in Hockey. With the win, Germany was able to maintain two wins during as many matches keeping their rates at 100 per cent.

With open labor markets of Germany and Austria, demand for minimum wages up

Out of the 10 nations that joined the European bloc in 2004, Germany and Austria have become the first ones to have their labor markets opened up. Since May 1, the workers of Tallinn to Budapest have become free to work in either Germany and/or Austria with or without work permits.

This is seven years after similar provisions became effective in Britain, Ireland and Sweden. But, the day was also used by the labor unions of Germany to renew their call for a statutory minimum wage to be decided. They are demanding it to be €8.50.

India's Biocon to divest in Germany's AxiCorp

India's Bangalore-based Biocon has decided that it will be divesting its stake in the German drug distributor, AxiCorp GmbH. Some three years back it had taken up controlling stake in the company and now it will be selling the shares to the minority shareholders of the company.

Germans supporting Italian for head of Central Bank

Angel Merkel, the German Chancellor has clearly and openly shown her support for an Italian to become the head of European Central bank. His name is Mario Draghi and his name has been suggested since he is said to be quite familiar with the way the market works.

Given this endorsement and the position of Mario becomes even stronger for the post and in a way it has become an absolute certainty. Till now, Mario has been able to get the support of many of the key euro-zone nations.


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