Mercedes to surprise us with M-Class SUVs

Mercedes Benz has a lot in store for the car enthusiasts coming 2012. The German auto giant has already publicly released the refreshed C Class models, the all new C Class Coupe as well as their respective AMG counterparts.

Rwandan rebels tried in Germany for war crimes

On Wednesday the trail of two Rwandan rebel leader from the Democratic Republic Congo opened for their crimes against humanity. The venue was Germany.

The duo was arrested in Germany in November 2009 where they had been living since quite some time. Ignace Murwanashyaka, 47, president of FDLR (Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda) and his deputy Straton Musoni, 50, had been operating from Germany.

Germany still unbeaten

In the ice hockey championships preliminary Germany bagged the top position in Group A beating Slovenia 3-2 in a decisive penalty shootout on Tuesday.

Egypt asks Germany to return Nefertiti bust

The Egyptian government had sent repeated requests to Germany earlier to return the bust of Nefertiti which is a symbol of their cultural heritage. The German authorities are denying any such requests.

Nefertiti was a legendary beauty, wife to Pharaoh Akhenaton who is remembered till today for changing the kingdom from a monopoly to monotheism. He is also the one to have promoted worship of one singular God who is Aton, the God of Sun. This item tops the ‘wish list’ of the five major Egyptian artifacts that Egypt wants to be returned.

Mexican pyramid visited by German president

The iconic pyramids of Mexico were visited by the German President Christian Wulff during the weekend. These structures are called Teotihuacan. Here the president was present with his wife, Bettina, under tight security.

The visit was part of the tour of Latin America which is currently being done by Wulff. He is also to visit Costa Rica and Brazil.

During their visit to the place, both the president and his wife climbed as much as 42-meter (138-foot) Pyramid of the Moon. This is the second largest pyramid in the Teotihuacan.


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