African singer-activist Miriam Makeba honoured with a Google Doodle

On March 4, Internet search biggie Google honoured late African singer and prominent civil rights activist Miriam Makeba with a special Google Doodle to commemorate her 81st birthday.

German operator DT joins forces with Fon to expand its network coverage

In a partnership which will enable German operator Deutsche Telecom (DT) to expand its network coverage, the company has joined forces with crowdsourced Wi-Fi Hotspot provider Fon for building what it claims will be the biggest Wi-Fi hotspot network in Germany.

Denmark wants Microsoft to pay US$1bn in back taxes

On Monday, Danish Radio DR, citing unidentified sources, reported that Denmark is demanding US$1 billion in back taxes from software giant Microsoft; with investigations underway in the country to ascertain whether Microsoft used certain techniques to save itself billions in taxes.

2013 World Reputation Rankings dominated by six elite US and UK universities

Times Higher Education's 2013 World Reputation Rankings have, yet again, revealed that an elite group of six universities in the US and the UK are the global "super-brands" which have, in terms of reputation and prestige, pulled away from the chasing pack.