Germany may not always come to rescue, warns Merkel

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor has warned all the nations within the euro zone that they should not consider this crisis as an opportunity to look for free bailouts, that too at the expense of Germany.

When asked about her backing of a candidate for ECB, she said that she is not going to take any decision in a hurry. She also said that in this case as well as the Greece she in no way will be showing her hand prematurely.

March sees record rise in exports of Germany

For the month of March, Germany has seen a surplus in balance of trade to the tune of 15.2 billion euros ($A20.43 billion), And this has been possible thanks to a sustainable growth in exports worldwide,

In February, the trade surplus stood at 11.2 billion euros ($A15.05 billion), showed the figures depicted by the national statistics office. Same data showed that in the month of March, Germany exported 98.3 billion euros ($A132.13 billion) while the figure for imports stood at 79.4 billion euros ($A106.73 billion).

Germany faces dilemma on home turf

The latest developments in Germany over the last few days have left the politicians looking out for solution. Soon after bailouts were given to Greece, angry voters showed clearly their disapproval for the same.

Added to that was the speculations that some of the countries are thinking of quitting EU as restructuring raises its head again. And raising these points again and again can turn out to be quite dangerous atleast for the ruling party.

Erik Larson's books goes deep during Nazi's Germany

The whole idea and the terrain that has been used by Erik Larson for his book, "In the Garden of Beasts”, is that while today technology has made its own complications when it comes to communication, the situation is much better when one compares it to the 1933-34 Germany which was taken over by a bunch of psychopaths.

President Lee Myung-bak starts first leg of European visit

As part of a week-long trip, President Lee Myung-bak arrived in Berlin, Germany. This is the first leg of his trip where he would be visiting three major countries of Europe.

For Germany, he is going to stay for four days, where he is going to hold a summit meeting along with President Christian Wulff and Chancellor Angela Merke. Main idea behind the event is going to be promotion of better co-operation between the two nations.


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