Judge orders 41-month prison sentence for AT&T hacker; ignores leniency plea

In a sentence ordered by US District Judge Susan Wigenton in Newark, New Jersey, on Monday, convicted hacker Andrew Auernheimer was handed a 41-month jail term for breaching AT&T's networks to gain illegal access to email addresses and other information of over 120,000 iPad subscribers.

History of Nazi Revealed by Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

As reported by Reuters, the acclaimed Vienna Philharmonic orchestra has revealed that during the rule of Hitler, many of its musicians were the members of Nazi party. These revelations are made after Austria, following more than two decades, formally acknowledged that they have a role in the rise of Third Reich and the Holocaust of Hitler.

Stetson Law Student Meagan Foley with Four Classmates Will Compete in International Competition in Austria

26-years-old Meagan Foley from Ormond Beach will participate in an international competition named Willem C.

Austria Caves Offer Cure for Medical Problems

Austria's natural caves have been found to provide cure for various medical problems. Gastein healing caves that nestle in the mountains of Austria can heal medical problems like joint pain, chronic bronchitis and other skin conditions.