Large marches in Germany against NATO in Libya, Afghanistan

Large marches took place across whole of Germany having strength of thousands to show their solidarity against the NATO forces having war in Libya and Afghanistan. These were made to be a part of the long Easter marches that took place on Sunday.

Germany profits from euro more than others in zone

The European currency has proved to be extremely well for the Germans. However, it has proved to be not so well for the other nation states of the zone.

From the time the euro has been introduced towards the start of 1999, according to the calculation done by the European Central Bank, Germany has achieved competitiveness, not just against the remaining chief industrial nation states, but also against all the other member states of the euro zone.

World's Most Premature Baby Survives in Germany

The world's most premature baby is born in Germany at 21 weeks and 5 days as revealed by the "Bild". A German woman gave birth to this baby.

It is the first such baby to survive as reported by Bild newspaper.

More surprising is that the baby named Frida is fine. When the baby was born she was not even of 550 grams. She weighed just only 460 grams while her height was just only 28 centimetres. She was took birth on 27th November at the Fulda clinic. She is now five and a half months and she has weighed 3.5 kilos and measures 50 centimetres.

Apple iPhone has more users than Android: Says survey

In recent study done by the ComScore has revealed that the numbers of iOS users in Europe are double as compared to those on Google's Android platform.

The study was carried out by the voting of the residents in the countries like France, Italy, U. K., Germany and Spain. According to the results of the study, 28.9 million people followed iOS, while Android users were less than half of iOS user, 13.4 million.

ComScore has said that the joint numbers of both were less than a fifth of the total number of mobile subscribers in those five regions.

Amazon Launches Ebookstore in Germany

Amazon has been spreading its Ebookstore by launching its own Kindle store. In German it has recently launched its own Kindle store. In this store there are more than 650,000 ebooks to users of Kindle ereaders and apps in Germany.

Amazon has confirmed that the total 650000 ebooks comprises of 25,000 German-language titles and 71 of 100 Spiegel bestsellers (Germany’s equivalent of The New York Times’s bestsellers list). In Germany it has become the biggest ebookstore.


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