Der Spiegel: EADS and ThyssenKrupp recorded major attacks by Chinese hackers in 2012

According to a report in German magazine Der Spiegel, Chinese hackers launched major hacking attacks against European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) and steelmaker ThyssenKrupp in 2012.

German firm Cairos has been licensed by FIFA to provide GLT system

FIFA - which last-week committed that it will introduce the goal-line technology (GLT) system at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil - has recently given its approval to Germany-based firm Cairos for providing GLT systems for use at the World Cup and the Premier League events next year.

Turkish PM: Governments need to talk with people

Addressing the over 2,500 delegates at the second Government Communication Forum on Sunday, the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdodan said that the governments should foster a better understanding with their people and should join hands with them to work together.

Turkey aims at becoming a player in electric car market

With the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) offering to provide 100 percent in research assistance for the development and production of electric cars in the country, and