German government draws up rules for “fracking”

On Tuesday, an AFP report, based on an Environment Ministry paper obtained by it, revealed that a draft proposal has been framed by the German government for carrying out the highly controversial "fracking" oil and gas technique in the country.

LG to acquire WebOS from Hewlett-Packard

South Korean electronics giant, LG has said that it is planning to acquire the WebOS operating system from Hewlett-Packard for using the platform in its new smart televisions.

Twitter commits to building app for new Firefox OS devices

With Mozilla having recently announced that devices running its Firefox OS will start shipping to consumers in the next couple of months, popular microblogging site Twitter has committed to a Twitter for Firefox OS app for the devices.

MasterCard unveils its MasterPass ‘virtual wallet’

Nearly one year after marking its foray into the mobile payments arena with PayPass, US credit-card company MasterCard unveiled a 'virtual wallet' - the company's MasterPass service, which effectively is an app - on Monday, for enabling customers to keep details pertaining to personal payments in their handsets and avoid checkouts in-store bar code scanning for making payments.