New Chinese Premier Li Keqiang: China, US should stop war of words on hacking

During the course of a Sunday press conference, newly-installed Premier Li Keqiang said China and the US should refrain from intensifying their war of words on cyber attacks and national security.

China Central Television: Apple, Volkswagen being unfair to consumers

Singling out tech biggie Apple Inc and automaker Volkswagen AG in its annual corporate malpractice exposé, state-run China Central Television (CCTV) said in the late Friday-telecast "3:15" investigative special that both the companies were being unfair to consumers.

50 Israelis Stuck in Snowstorm on Hungary-Austria border

Heavy snow at the border of Hungary and Austria has blocked the 90 kilometers long highway. Around 50 travelers from Israel are among those who are stuck between Budapest and Vienna.

This group of 50 had come for vacation in Hungary and is now in the bus without food and water, since Thursday afternoon. There are thousands of others who are snowbound at the border.

EU Leaders Oppose Arm Supply to Syrian Rebels

Leaders from Finland, Netherlands and Austria have raised their opposition about lifting the ban of supplying arms to rebels in Syria. This embargo is going to expire on June 1. The European leaders met and raised their opinion about the issue at European Leaders Summit held in Brussels on Friday. France and Britain want to lift this ban.