Amazon Launches Ebookstore in Germany

Amazon has been spreading its Ebookstore by launching its own Kindle store. In German it has recently launched its own Kindle store. In this store there are more than 650,000 ebooks to users of Kindle ereaders and apps in Germany.

Amazon has confirmed that the total 650000 ebooks comprises of 25,000 German-language titles and 71 of 100 Spiegel bestsellers (Germany’s equivalent of The New York Times’s bestsellers list). In Germany it has become the biggest ebookstore.

Germany's Easter tree growing every year

When Volker Kraft first sorted the sapling of an apple tree in the Easter of 1965, there were only 18 eggs with him which he decorated on the tree. Since then, the tree continues to stand strong and has been able to grow when it comes to decorating it with eggs. This time around there was 9800 eggs which artfully decorated the whole tree and all its sequins and sea shells.

Germany supports Italian for ECB's top post

Head of Bank of Itlay, Mario Draghi just inched towards getting the post of the President of ECB when Germany clearly showed that they are ready to support him. This happened more so for the fact that Germany has not been able to find out any better alternative to replace Jean-Claude Trichet. He retires in November.

Said Wolfgang Schäuble, German finance minister said that they found out Draghi to be the most realistic candidate after Axel Weber, who is going to step down as the head of Germany's Bundesbank in April. But he has ruled himself out of the race for ECB.

Germany has marginalised itself over Libya

When Germany kept itself aloof from the U. N. Security Council vote on Libya in March this year, quite some people had criticised this in the United States and Europe, and it goes without saying, the German strategic community.

While the United States, France and Britain were collaborating in order to stop a humanitarian disaster in Libya, Germany joined hands with Russia and China, and also Brazil and India, dealing with a blow to the Trans-Atlantic and European unity as well as security cooperation.

Germany’s Continental to purchase Modi Rubber subsidiary

German tyre producer Continental AG is going to purchase Modi Tyres Co. Ltd (MTCL), a subsidiary of Modi Rubber Ltd owned by V. K. Modi, providing it with an immediate entry into the Indian market.

According to a statement made by the European company during a press release, following the completion of the transaction, MTCL is slated to turn into a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental. It further said that the company is going to concentrate on the local manufacturing as well as distribution of tyres for trucks, buses and cars.


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