Google: Residents of select affordable housing projects to get free gigabit-Internet service

On Wednesday, Google Fiber announced the launch of a new program under which free gigabit-Internet service will be offered to residents of some select affordable public housing projects which are connected to the fiber optic service in US cities.

Google to expand self-driving car testing to Kirkland, Washington

Google's parent company Alphabet has revealed in a Wednesday announcement that the testing of the company's self-driving cars will be expanded to Kirkland, Washington, towards the end of February.

The announcement implies that Kirkland will soon become the third city in which Google will be testing its self-driving cars.

Facebook tweaks its algorithm to make changes to users’ News Feed

In a blog post published this week, social network Facebook has revealed that it is making some tweaks to its algorithm, to bring about a change to the users' News Feed. As a result of the tweaked algorithm, stories will show up at the top of a user's News Feed in accordance with their actual relevance to the individual user.

Uber changes its U-logo for current apps to update its brand identity

On Tuesday, ride-hailing startup Uber made an inexplicable change to its logo --- the company ditched its simple U-logo for its current apps, and replaced it with a somewhat weird design; in an apparent effort to create a whole new look for its service.