Anna Stoehr ‘Oldest Teenager’ in Online Community

It has been reported that Anna Stoehr lied about her actual age in order to have an account on Facebook. Anna is one of the oldest living people in the world at the age of 119.

Canada announces new electronic labelling regulations

In an announcement made via a press release on Friday, Industry Canada has revealed that the federal government has come up with new electronic labelling regulations.

Defense Distributed unveils ‘Ghost Gunner’ machine which creates legal, untraceable “ghost guns”

Earlier this week, an Austin, Texas-based libertarian group Defense Distributed unveiled a product called the 'Ghost Gunner' --- a machine which is capable of creating untraceable, though legal, "ghost guns."

New ‘Ello’ social network launches invitation-only beta test

An invitation-only beta test has recently been launched by new social networking site 'Ello' to attract subscribers as well as tech buzz.

Ello is a new social network which is set to challenge Facebook, but without ads. The network - which touts itself as a simple, stunning and ad-free network - was launched as free service in July this year.