Chemical giants Huntsman and Clariant agree to merge

After several years of tentative mutual approaches, US-based chemical manufacturer Huntsman Corporation and Switzerland’s Clariant AG have finally agreed to merger to create an entity with a market

Germany Reports Strong Trade Surplus

Germany has posted strong economic data with record trade surplus of 30.2 billion euros. The report released by Destatis statistics office said that the data hasn’t been seasonally adjusted yet.

Greece concludes Fresh Debt Deal with European Creditors after Pledging more austerity measures

Greece has reached an important debt deal with European creditors after the country agreed to further austerity measures and plans to reduce government spending in near future.

Jeff Bezos becomes World’s Second Richest Person

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has become the world’s second richest person as his online retailing venture has gained tremendously in stock market valuation in the recent months.