Aviation Sector

Cathay Pacific announces plan to lay-off 600 employees

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways, the largest international airline in Asia, is preparing to lay off as many as 600 employees at its headquarters.

Boeing temporarily halts flights for 737 MAX after technical issue

The test flights of Boeing’s new 737 MAX planes have been temporarily halted due to a technical glitch in the engine, the aircraft giant has confirmed.

World’s Largest Flying Water Bomber will Not Perform at EAA Air Show

Reportedly, Hawaii Martin Mars, the world's largest flying water bomber will not perform on Saturday at the EAA air show.

FAA Requires Drone Owners to Get Their Drones Registered With Government

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants people who purchase drones this year to get their drones registered with the government. The Transportation Department said it will be making an announcement related to drones on Monday but later declined to comment on the matter.