Le Pen’s Election Manifesto Aims to Give Power Back to French People

Far-right French party National Front has launched its election manifesto and the party has promised major changes for France if Marine Le Pen manages to win the Presidential elections.

Angela Merkel Faces Fresh Challenge in Elections: Fake News from Russia, as per AFP Report

German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces a tough election in Germany as people are against her government’s policies regarding refugees.

Labour Party could be out of Power if Scotland votes to leave

Labour Party, centre-left political party in the United Kingdom, stands ideologically opposed to Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, and his New Secessionists' espoused brand of popular nationalism despite eccentricity. Labour Party's 40 represent constituencies are from north of the border. If the people of Scotland favor independence, the party could be out of power for many years.

John Kerry Intervenes As Tensions between Israel and Gaza Increase

All the airlines around the world will stay away from Israeli Ben Gurion International Airport, as on Tuesday a Hamas missile landed a mile from the airport's runways.

However, this incident did not stop the Secretary of State John Kerry from landing at the same airport next day. He is there to reinforce the cessation of hostilities between Gaza and Israel.

Richard Mourdock’s Remark About Nation Going Way of Hitler's Nazi Germany Draws Criticism

On Saturday when Treasurer Richard Mourdock compared the direction of the nation to the Nazi Germany guided by Hitler, while speaking during a farewell speech at the Indiana Republican Convention, the reaction of the people ranged from annoyance to surprise to bewilderment.