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NASA’s Cassini to take High Resolution Snaps of Earth

NASA's Saturn-orbiting space probe, Cassini, will conduct a photo session from 1.5 billion kilometers between 7.27am and 7.42am. It will capture a series of high-resolution snapshots of earth from a distance way above in the space. The pictures will be natural colored.

Microsoft misses Wall Street’s earnings expectations for April-June quarter

On Thursday, software giant reported its earnings for the April-June 2013 quarter, which is the company's fiscal fourth quarter. The figures posted by Microsoft missed the Wall Street analysts' earnings expectations for the company during the quarter; thanks largely to the accelerating slump in PC sales worldwide.

Scientists Develop New System to Monitor Wildlife in Tropical Rainforests

A new network dubbed Automated Remote Biodiversity Monitoring Network (Arbimon) has been created by scientists, which is capable of monitoring wildlife in tropical rainforests. It has been developed using iPods, solar panels and car batteries.

Microsoft urges US attorney general to lift block on public information sharing

In an official blog post published on Tuesday, software giant Microsoft urged the US attorney general, Eric Holder, to "personally take action" towards approving the sharing of more information on how the company handles customer data requests that it receives from the national security agencies.