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Study says Excessive use of Cell Phones makes the User less Fit

According to new study, cell phone use reduces physical fitness. The study was conducted by the researchers from the College of Education, Health and Human Services at Kent State University. The study was aimed to establish a relationship between using cell phones and physical fitness.

A Deep Azure Planet 63 Light YEARS Away

NASA and the European Space Agency have revealed that astronomers have achieved a feat by determining the true color of a planet outside our solar system. The planet is named as HD 189733b. It is a deep blue planet, and orbiting a star 63 light years away.

14-month-old girl uses her father’s smartphone to buy vintage car on eBay

With easy-to-use apps being deemed one of the greatest inventions of modern-day technology, a recent KOIN-TV report has revealed that a 14-month-old girl in Portland, Ore., went on a shopping spree of sorts on the eBay app on her father's smartphone, and purchased a vintage car --- a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite!

Electronic Cigarettes Get Mixed Response

It was in 2007 when e- cigarettes came to the American market. Since then, its demand has been on rise. As per Euromonitor, sales of e- cigarettes are going to touch $1 billion by this year.