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Kosovo Albanian Misguided by Online Source, Kills Two

The misinformation available online continues to influence the innocent minds, which turn out corrupted and end up doing something atrocious. The story of Arid Uka, 21-year-old, revels the same situation influenced by an online propaganda and ended in claiming the life of two US airmen whom he had never met and had no grudges against.

US Airmen’s Killer Admits Crime

A boy from Kosovo admitted of being responsible in two U. S. airmen’s death at the Frankfurt airport.

Arid Uka, 21, has accepted that he was influenced by the Islamic propaganda which was posted online and conducted a trial where he accidently killed two people: 25-year-old from South Carolina named Nicholas J. Alden, and, 21-year-old from Virginia, named Zachary R. Cuddeback.

Wicked Man Tried Killing Innocent Infant

According to Wednesday reports, Roseville police officials, while giving the details about a brutal murder case, commented that just because a stupid thought, a cruel man suddenly entered the Inkster area resident’s house and viciously gunshot a 10 month-old baby in front of his parents.

HP Cancels the Pre 3 Launch in US

According to reports, after getting a suspension from the Hewlett-Packard’s first webOS flagship mobile phone, HP officials claimed that they have canceled its Pre 3 US launch plans.

However, the reports further claimed that just after the one week, when the handset was launched in Europe the HP TouchPad, it failed to attract the expected customers.

Obama’s Citizenship under Controversy

There have been rumors over the citizenship of Obama, since he became the President of the US. But recently, doubts have begun to surge when it came to light that Mr. Obama’s birth certificate showing him a citizen of America is forged.

If it is true, then Obama doesn’t have any right to give authority to the air force of the America. There have been arguments over the citizenship of the Obama. There are few who argue that he was born outside the US while others argue his Kenyan-born father should disqualify him to hold the nation’s top office.