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Men may be more at risk of dying from obesity than women

A new study found that obesity is around three times more fatal for men than for women. The study conducted on about 4 million men and women from across the world was published online on July 13 in The Lancet. However, there is no a clear link between obesity and mortality which means more research is needed.

Hello Games delays ‘No Man’s Sky’ launch until August

In a Friday announcement, Hello Games has revealed that the launch of ‘No Man’s Sky’ game has been delayed until August 2016.

According to the announcement made by Hello Games, the North American launch of ‘No Man's Sky’ game has been re-scheduled to August 9; while the launch of the game in Europe and the UK is now scheduled for August 10 and August 12 respectively.

Drinking regularly increases risk of cancer, UK medical experts

Healthcare officials in the United Kingdom have said that drinking alcohol regularly increases the risk of cancer.

There is no mechanism to avoid obesity, study

According to a new research, humans do not have an evolutionary mechanism yet to avoid overeating and becoming obese.