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A first: Crows captured on camera making tools to gather food

Though the concept was known to all, scientists for the first time have found definitive evidence to conclude that crows, similar to human beings, use tools to gather food and at times even to entertain themselves. The scientists recorded the act in videos through specially invented crow tailcam. In the footage, New Caledonian crows can be seen making tools in the wild.

Campaign urging North Warwickshire residents to shun alcohol

A host of organisations are urging residents in Nuneaton, Bedworth and North Warwickshire to shun alcohol and begin the New Year in a healthy manner.

NHS planning to offer week-round access to health services

The leaders of NHS have said that they are planning to offer week-round access to some services in acute hospitals in only 15 months.

University Of California to set up £10million New Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Recently the University of Cambridge received a grant of £10 million from the Leverhulme Trust, a large national grant-making foundation in the United Kingdom, to launch an artificial intelligence centre.

New app to help people stop smoking

A team of developers have developed a new app in order to help smokers quit the nasty habit with the help of technology.