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Cancer Research UK highlights Childhood Obesity Crises

With children getting ready to start their academic year next week, Cancer Research UK has published figures which reveal shocking extent of childhood obesity. The figures show how one in five children starting primary school are overweight or obese, but when they leave, that figure rises to one in three. This calls for the parents and decision-makers to tackle the problem directly.

Duchess of Cambridge would encourage her children to seek therapy if they struggle psychologically

On Sunday, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge gave a message on mental health, saying that both, she and her husband Prince William are in favor of getting extra support if ever they need it for the mental health of their children. She said that they would definitely encourage their little ones to go for therapy if they ever struggle psychologically.

Archeologists unearth remains of birthplace of King Arthur’s palace in Cornwall

King Arthur is thought to have been born at the royal palace of Tintagel in Cornwall that has been for long considered mysterious. After recent excavation at the site, archeologists uncovered the remains of the palace that could help confirm the truth about the king that has passed over to generations.

Trigger events like exposure to violence linked to elevated risk of violent crime in week post exposure

Published online by JAMA Psychiatry, a study of Sweden patients suggested that trigger events like exposure to violence were linked to elevated risk of violent crime in the week after the exposure in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder patients and among the ones without psychiatric diagnoses, involved in the study for comparison.