United Kingdom

There is no mechanism to avoid obesity, study

According to a new research, humans do not have an evolutionary mechanism yet to avoid overeating and becoming obese.

Junior doctor to go on 24 house strike on Thursday

Junior doctors in the United Kingdom have announced their decision to go on a 24-hour walk-out next Tuesday as the talks over changes to their contracts remains stuck with the government.

Campaign urging people to give-up alcohol for a month

A new campaign is urging people to give up alcohol for an entire month during January and begin the year feeling better about them.

Experts said that the staring the new year with avoiding alcohol for a month can not only make people feel better but also help save money.Cambridgeshire County Council is urging residents to take part in the campaign to give up alcoholfor 31 days.

‘Healthy food’ might be causing more obesity, study

A new study has shown that healthy labelled foods might be making people fatter rather than helping them lose some weight.

A first: Crows captured on camera making tools to gather food

Though the concept was known to all, scientists for the first time have found definitive evidence to conclude that crows, similar to human beings, use tools to gather food and at times even to entertain themselves. The scientists recorded the act in videos through specially invented crow tailcam. In the footage, New Caledonian crows can be seen making tools in the wild.