United Kingdom

Average US price of one gallon of gasoline increased 25 cents in two weeks

According to a Lundberg Survey report released on Sunday, the last two weeks witnessed nearly a quarter per gallon increase in the US gasoline prices, largely because of refinery shutdowns and a rise in crude oil prices.

Hackney’s hospice branded exceptional

It has been announced by the Care Quality Commission that for bringing a difference in the way social care and health services are regulated, a chief inspector of social care might be appointed.

HMV’s UK arm to shutter up to 100 stores in the near future; 1500 jobs at risk

According to reports, the UK arm of failed high street retailer HMV will apparently be shuttering up to 100 stores in the near future; thereby hinting at a potential loss of nearly 1500 jobs.

British mobile operator Three pledges not to charge extra for 4G mobile broadband

In a Monday announcement, British mobile operator Three - the smallest mobile operator in the country - said that it would not charge any extra premium for its superfast 4G mobile broadband which is scheduled to be rolled out in summer this year.