Norway planning ‘Tesla Tax’ on Electric Cars

Norway is planning to add additional tax burden on consumers planning to buy electric cars.

Researcher notices polar bear holding breath for three minutes

Canadianbiologist Ian Stirling has said that he has witnessed a polar bear hold its breath underwater for three minutes in Norway.

Researchers document Polar Bears eating Dolphins

Researchers have documented polar bears preying on and eating dolphins for the first time ever as the cold habitat shrinks.

The team of scientists at the Norwegian High Arctic saw an adult male polar bear prey on two white-beaked dolphins. The polar bear ate one of the animals and covered the other with snow, possibility to save it for later.

Voith to Equip Hydropower Plants in Austria and Norway

According to reports, Voith Hydro companies have accomplished a joint project in Norway and Austria. The order will have Voith to equip Braskereidfoss power plant at the Glomma River in South Norway. It is the country's widest and longest inland waterway.

A complete generator-turbine unit will be delivered by Voith. It will have an output of 15.7 megawatts including all automation systems.