Toshiba misses deadline for chip unit sale

Toshiba Corporation’s failure in sealing a deal to sell its chip unit by the deadline of Thursday has raised doubts over tech giant’s ability to plug the holes in its balance sheet in time.

Mazda claims breakthrough in Gasoline Engine Technology

Japan-based automaker Mazda Motor Corporation announced on Tuesday that it had made a breakthrough in conventional gasoline engine technology that could make vehicles a more feasible option to elec

Japan captures images of melted fuel at Fukushima nuclear plant using robots

Hitting a potential milestone in the ongoing cleanup of one of the world’s worst atomic disasters, Japan has captured images of melted nuclear fuel inside the reactor 3 at the Fukushima No.

Nintendo announces that Wii U production is scheduled to end soon

In a recent announcement made on its official Japanese site, Nintendo has said that it will soon end the production of its Wii U gaming console.