Austria Plans to Block Migrant Influx from Italy

Austria has been strict with migrant issues in the recent months.

130 Families Could Seek Asylum in Austria after Vaccination Dispute in Italy

Nearly 130 families living in northern Italy could seek asylum in Austria after Italy announcement mandatory policy for vaccination of children.

Researchers unveil in detail about Oetzi's motley wardrobe

Oetzi the Iceman's clothes were made of at least five different species of animal.Ötzi was discovered in the Ötztal Alps by hikers, along the border with Austria and Italy in 1991. Since its discovery, Ötzi’s body has been scrutinized in detail, but not much was known about his clothing before this study.

Parents Could Be Convicted For Keeping Children Vegan in Italy

Parents in Italy might be convicted for keeping their kids vegan. A bill has been proposed by an Italian lawmaker as per which parents should be penalized till the extent of imprisonment in case they stop their children from consuming the famous meats and cheeses of the nation and directing them towards opting for vegan alternatives.