Taxi Shortage – A Sign of Competition-Killing Rules

Paris has been seeing taxi shortage and frustration in people due to the same. But, a recent report has claimed that it is just one sign of the competition-killing rules.

The rules have been limiting the access to a number of professions. The European Union said that these have also been stunting the French economy.

IAU Formally Names Pluto Moons

The International Astronomical Union has finally given the Pluto moons their official names. And according to the information provided by the government, the new names have been taken from mythology.

French Student Devises Battery-Powered Unmanned Aircraft for Use in Agriculture Operations

Frenchman Marc-Alexandre Favier, 27, a student at Harper Adams University College, Shropshire, has developed a battery-powered unmanned aircraft that would act as an eye in the sky for farmers. It would cost the farmers just a few hundred pounds.

Renault and Better Place Partnership to End Soon

Announcements are coming from Renault SA regarding its end of partnership with Better Place following the company’s Bankruptcy.

Violence after Demonstration against Gay Marriage in Paris

According to reports, a peaceful demonstration against gay marriage in Paris turned violent in the end. The crowd made attempts to beat the press photographers and TV crews in the incident.