Dolphins use Earth’s magnetic field as a guide during migration: study

Apart from being intelligent, dolphins own a strange ability to sense whether a particular object is magnetized or not, a new study by French researchers suggested.

Jazztel’s Acquisition will make Orange Second Largest Fixed-Line Broadband Internet Operator in Spain

Orange, a French multinational telecommunications corporation, said that it is not interested in further acquisitions in other countries after the company has brought a Spanish competitor ‘Jazztel’. The company said that acquisition of Jazztel will add to its earnings by 2017.

ESA’s ATV-5 Successfully Docks at ISS

ESA's last Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV)-5, Georges Lemaitre, successfully docked itself at the International Space Station after it was launched on July 29 from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The name of ATV-5 Georges Lemaitre is inspired from the Belgian priest and scientist who first formulated the Big Bang Theory.

French Researchers Confirm Oldest Case of Down Syndrome

Oldest case of Down syndrome has been confirmed in a 1,500-year-old skeleton. The study has led to provide a new way to look on how ancient civilizations viewed those with genetic disorders.

The credit for confirming the oldest confirmed case of Down syndrome goes to French researchers, who uncovered the skeleton of a child with the genetic disorder.