Reforms to Improve Health Care for New Brunswickers

The Health Minister, Hugh Flemming said on Friday that health reforms will be considered to ensure high quality care to all the residents of New Brunswick.

Flemming talked of a new five year plan that will make the reforms. It will include expansion to the existing services and introduction of some new services that will be aimed at improving the health care for the residents of the province.

EU To Have Free Trade Pact Talks With Japan

It is not a hidden news that European Union wants to increase its business ties with the world's biggest economies. It seems that they have been working hard on their plan. It has been found that a free trade pact talks are going to take place with Japan.

Arnaud Montebourg Warns ArcelorMittal of Nationalization

France is deeply upset with the Indian steel giant ArcelorMittal from past few days and is no longer interested to have the firm operating in their country.

How Many Votes for Palestinian Bid for UN Status?

France supports Palestinian bid for UN status, confirm officials from the country yesterday when they talked about their back support to the Palestinian bid for enhanced United Nations status at a General Assembly vote that is scheduled this week.