Early Detection: Best Way to Reduce HIV Cases

Early detection is the best way to reduce HIV cases. In order to do the same, it is vital that people should be regular for HIV testing. It has also been suggested that every single person who is sexually active should be asked to get regular tested.

German’s Hint of Reviewing Greek Debt Relief

Since three years, euro zone's debt crisis is ongoing but Germany's recent hint of Greek debt relief has somewhat raised euro hopes.

The hint-in-talks came from the announcements of Finance Minister that he made last week behind closed doors hinting about tantalizingly at a potential breakthrough.

France Upset With Mittal; Tension Rises

According to recent reports, tension between the steel giant Mittal and France is on a high rise as France is extremely upset with it.

Arnaud Montebourg, the French Industrial Renewal Minister said that Mittal has never respected France and therefore, doesn't wasn't it in France anymore. He further said that France is finding another industrial partner to carry out the operations further.

Uncertainty Prevails Over EU's Seven-Year Budget

It seems it would take some more time to strike an agreement over European Union's budget as there are yet to be differences sorted out. "I think we are not yet at the stage where we need to be, namely (ready for) a collective decision", German Chancellor Angela Merkel said while she arrived for a second day of talks in Brussels.