Deadly Hornets are Heading to South of England?

Experts have warned that swarms of deadly insects that claimed lives of six people in France may be heading to the South of England. The latest House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) report on invasive non-native species has issued the warning.

Scientists Unravel the Mystery behind Formation of Tectonic Plates

A new research has tried to uncover how tectonic plates of earth were created. The study found that the tectonic plates took around one billion years to form. The outermost layer of earth, or lithosphere, was debilitated by movements in viscous layers below it.

Public Transportation Free Through the Weekend in Paris

Public transportation has been made free in Paris through the weekend. City officials have done so as the European Environment Agency (EEA) has warned about excessively high pollution levels across France and Germany with major impact on bigger cities.

Airbus Second in Terms of Airplane Sales

European aircraft maker Airbus has achieved second position in terms of finished airplane delivery. Despite of the fact that Airbus has left its US rival Boeing in sales records of 2013, but still its records comes out to be 22 less than the Boeing Co. in terms of actual sales.

French Drug Safety Agency Approves Sales of Medicine Derived from Cannabis

The French medicines agency has approved the marketing of Sativex in France. The medicine has been derived from cannabis, for the first time in France and is also the first pharmaceutical drug based on cannabis.