Macron has high chances of winning Presidential Elections

The opinion polls are favoring Macron in the French Presidential Elections. The voter turnout is low as was predicted by many political analysts.

Opinion Polls Suggest Easy Win for Macron in French Presidential Elections

French citizens will vote today for the second round of the Presidential elections.

Le Pen’s Election Manifesto Aims to Give Power Back to French People

Far-right French party National Front has launched its election manifesto and the party has promised major changes for France if Marine Le Pen manages to win the Presidential elections.

Alcatel Idol 4S VR bundle to be available for preorder in US from July 15

In an indication that the premium Alcatel Idol 4S handset is now official for the US, Alcatel has said in a recent announcement that the handset will be sold exclusively as part of the bundle -- the Alcatel Idol 4S VR Bundle --- which will be available for preorders with effect from July 15.