Researchers Discover Cave Art Created by Neanderthals

Researchers have discovered the cave art created by Neanderthals in Gorham's cave above the Mediterranean Sea. The art work dates back to at least 39,000 years.

The researchers were not able to find out what the Neanderthal artists may have been trying to say with this geometric carving but they have devoted their lot of time to know how it was made.

European Central Bank to cut Economic Forecast

Ewald Nowotny, European Central Bank Governing Council member, said the bank may cut its economic forecast next week. The bank will present its updated estimate next Thursday.

Nowotny said, "It's no secret that we are seeing somewhat of a downturn in the economy. Germany is no longer able to be a locomotive for growth".

Euro loses further ground against USD

On Wednesday, the Euro continued to slide down and it eventually reached its lowest level in a year against the US dollar and other major currencies. The recent move in the currency is in accordance to the expectations that the European Central Bank will act soon to counter low growth and inflation.

ESA Prepares for Philae’s Landing on 67P Comet

The European Space Agency (ESA) has successfully completed its first ever attempt by launching Rosetta spacecraft in 2004 with an ultimate goal to make it orbit around the comet, dubbed "67P/Churyu