Standard & Poor's Rating of Greece

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services has only one reason to upgrade Greece's credit by 6 notches because all the other 16 European Union countries using the euro are determined to keep Greece inside the currency union (believes SP).

Samsung withdraws request for injunctions on Apple devices in Europe

With US district judge Lucy Koh having turned down Apple's request of a permanent injunction against Samsung, thereby denying Samsung's request for a new trial over Apple's $1 billion victory in the court case, the South Korea-based technology conglomerate has withdrawn its request for a ban against the sale Apple's devices in Europe.

Antibiotics Ineffective for Coughs: Experts

Recent reports of Lancet journal are confirming antibiotics to be having no effect at all upon persistent cough that is caused by mild chest infections.

Above are the findings of a study that was recently performed by researchers to notice the effect of the antibiotics upon cough.

Spain reduces Borrowing Cost

It seems that everything is going well with Spain, since the time the European Central Bank has pledged that they will support the debt ridden countries. It is the time, when Spain's borrowing cost also decline, which was at its peak in the summer.